“Then Caleb interrupted the men who were speaking to Moses. He said, ‘We should go up and take the land. We can certainly do it.’ But the men who had gone up with him spoke. They said, ‘We can’t attack those people. They are stronger than we are’” (Numbers 13:30-31, NIrV).


I am drawn to the boldness and confidence of Caleb’s actions in this passage. Instead of sitting back quietly in the background and timidly acquiescing to the group pressure and the view that the Canaanites were too strong and powerful for the Israelites, Caleb interrupted the men and said, “We can certainly do it.” Notice he did not say, “I think we can . . . ,” “I feel like . . . ,” “If we are lucky . . . ,” “It is possible . . . ,” or “If everything goes well . . . ,” Instead he boldly and confidently declared, “We can certainly do it.”

Caleb believed in and trusted God. He saw the same situation, problems, and challenges that the other spies saw. With the exception of Joshua, Caleb saw what the others failed to see, he saw the Israelites walking into the Promised Land and prospering. While others saw only giant men in great numbers, Caleb saw God. Others saw defeat and failure. Caleb saw victory and triumph. Others saw destruction and death. Caleb saw success and life. Others saw inadequacy and lack. Caleb saw sufficiency and abundance. Others walked in doubt, fear and unbelief. Caleb walked in unwavering faith, confidence and trust in God. Others felt hopelessness and despair. Caleb felt expectant hope and excitement.

Mighty Man of God, which side are you on? Are you focusing on the situation, problems, and difficulties in your life or on God? Do you believe His Word and every promise God made to you in His Word? Are you willing to interrupt the naysayers and demonic spirits who are proclaiming, “You can’t do this,” “This is too much for you,” and “This will not work?” I encourage you to follow Caleb’s lead. Trust in God. Walk in faith and confident hope and boldly declare, “With God’s help, I can certainly do it.” Mighty Men and Awesome Women of God, join Caleb and march into your Promised Land.


Lord, thank you this powerful lesson on the importance of trusting you and walking in unwavering faith. Father, help me to keep my eyes and my heart fixed on you at all times no matter what the situation looks like and to walk boldly into your promises. Through the blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.