“He appointed twelve–designating them apostles–that they might be with Him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons” (Mark 3:14-15, NIV).


I am drawn to the first two words of this verse, “He appointed.” Jesus gave the disciples “divine appointments” to execute His will and plans on earth. Their faithfulness in carrying out these assignments changed the world and the fate of millions of people for all eternity. As Christians, we must come to understand that Jesus still appoints and designates. His commandments to preach, heal, and take authority over demonic spirits are still in force. There is still much work to be done and He continues to appoint and pass out assignments.

On a daily basis, I meet people who have heard and responded to His call. They have signed on and accepted their divine appointment. They have surrendered their life to Him and embraced their assignment in faith with passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. I watch as He uses them and works through them to make a lasting mark on the world that cannot be erased. I watch as they stand in amazement and awe at what He accomplishes through them. I see how He transforms their lives daily and they come to think, feel, speak, and act like Jesus. I come to see hearts, minds, souls, and spirits as they are renewed, shaped and molded into new creations with a new purpose. I see a man who has embraced his divine appointment smiling back at me in the bathroom mirror every morning. I encourage you to ask God to speak to your heart today about His divine appointment for your life. Answer His call and put a smile on your face and His.


Lord, thank you for calling me into a deep intimate relationship with You. Father, help me to hear your voice and give me an open and willing mind, heart, and soul for every divine appointment, large and small. Jesus, help me to trust You and submit myself to You. Use me according to your perfect will. Through the blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.