6:33 Private Leadership Coaching

Grow spiritually, professionally, and personally through private leadership coaching with Gary L. Selman. Corporate and individual coaching with Gary is available in our 6:33 Silver, Gold, & Platinum Coaching Plans. These programs are designed for Christian men who want accountability, prayer, and guidance in learning how to become godly leaders, husbands, and fathers.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33, NKJV)

Is There A Difference Between
Secular and Christian Coaching?

Biblical Leadership Coaching Model

  • Learn To Adopt a Biblical Worldview About Faith and Work

  • Use Faith-Based Tools with Real-World Applications

  • Learn to Integrate Prayer & Biblical Principles Into Daily Work Life

  • Learn How To Become a Servant Leader

  • Obtain Accelerated Results Using An Established Process

Secular Leadership Coaching Model

  • Adopt a Secular Worldview and Edge God Out of Work Place

  • Use Secular Tools That Don’t Align with Christian Values

  • Abandon Prayer and Compartmentalize Faith in Daily Work Life

  • Self-Preservation Is Primary Focus

  • Self-Effort Hinders Your Ability to Succeed

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

The impact of following a spiritual approach to business (as well as to all aspects of life) is huge for those willing to recognize that fact and apply those principals in the workplace. I can clearly see God’s impact in our business and the results prayer can have in changing outcomes.This has impacted both my personal and professional life and I no longer separate the two in my way of thinking.

John, CEO

Gary Selman is my brother in Christ, friend, and coach. In the 5 years I have known and worked with Gary, he has been a blessing to me and my family. In business, it is refreshing to work with a man of integrity who prays for and with you. Gary is genuinely interested and invested in seeing me become the best person and professional that I can be.

Ken, Human Resource Director

The Lord has used Gary and Karen Selman to completely change my life. Their coaching and mentoring, guided by the Word of God, has taught me how to develop a biblical business philosophy and have a biblical worldview. They require accountability to them and God.Thank you for challenging me to dream big and for teaching me the importance of making an impact in the world!

Abraham, Principal, Veteran Recruiting

“WOW – The amazing power of praying with my executive team has changed the dynamics of our relationships and our business.”

Gary walks the talk. His counsel will lead you to a deeper appreciation of God’s hand on your life and all that He has planned for you. I loved working with him. If you are looking for change, I encourage you to engage Gary. You will develop a friend for life and he will never stop investing in your success.

Dennis, Chief Marketing Executive

Gary has the advantage of knowing and understanding both secular models of Executive Coaching and the principles of Biblical Coaching. With this unique perspective, he has cultivated a God-centric model that encompasses spirit, soul, and body. He integrates practical tools with unchanging truth that impacts a person like no secular approach could–it is truly wisdom from above.

Louis, Para-Church Ministry Founder

The key area Gary and I worked on is learning to be still before the Lord (laboring to rest). I learned that stillness is the opposite of fear. He is truly anointed and walks by the power of the Spirit. God has given him great insight into the spiritual realm. He gave me tools to fight daily battles and win.

Stanley, Human Resources Executive

Gary’s coaching helped me place my faith at the center of my daily work life. His approach helped me see that the two are inseparable. He helped me go from reliance on self and personal effort to reliance on the Holy Spirit. Gary’s coaching has transformed me as a person and changed the trajectory of my career and home life.

TJ, Manufacturing Operations Leader

Thank you for your support, advice, and friendship during my time of transition. You preach passion and you truly have a passion for what you do. When we focus on what we have passion for in our life, with God’s help, our job search and overall life will become more successful, not to mention, more meaningful.

Alton, CFO, Non-Profit

Are You A Good Fit For Our 6:33
Leadership Coaching Program for Christian Men?

Sadly, many Christians edge God out of their everyday work life. Although their desire to change is strong, many remain confused and stifled in their efforts. Worldly trends and concern for political correctness leads many to leave their faith at home. Is there a way to integrate our Christian beliefs into our daily work life without offending others? Yes, there is. At First Call Advisory Group LLC, we teach and empower Christian men to integrate faith and to work and transform the marketplace.

Have you become a slave to power, greed, materialism, and social status? Worldly success often brings disillusionment and emptiness. Once you arrive, you question where you were going and why? Is it time to rethink, refocus, redirect, and move from success to significance? Learn how to get off the treadmill. Say no to busyness, be still and ask God to direct your path. Commit to take a new direction in this phase of your life. Ask God what He wants you to do and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in doing it.

Do you want to develop spiritually and professionally without sacrificing one for the other, but don’t know where to start? Subscribe to one of our coaching programs and let Gary teach you how to put God first in every area of your life, pursue an intimate relationship with the Lord, and rely on the Him for guidance. You will also learn how to recognize and overcome pride (self-centered, self-effort) and walk in humility (God-centered obedience) which will position you to experience the unlimited grace and favor of God.

Are you charged with the responsibility of leading others? Do you rely on title, organizational hierarchy and power to push others along to accomplish the mission? Do you rely on personal charisma or the power of relationship to pull others along to accomplish the mission? Do you rely on the intrinsic power of the vision to unite others in a call to action? Regardless of your style or sphere of influence, you must engage and lead others to accomplish results. Become a member of our coaching program and learn how to lead team members by relying on God’s Word, prayer, and the Holy Spirit.

Where did you learn your leadership skills? Who do you imitate? Are you leading and directing from the front or serving and teaching from the rear? Do you rely on fear and self-interest or love and self-sacrifice? Jesus turned the world of leadership upside down. He showed us that humility, love, and service is the ultimate leadership model. Learn how to obey God’s Word and trust God for the outcomes. Commit to walk in honor, integrity, and humility as you serve others, then watch as love captures, motivates, and and engages others to embrace the vision and achieve the mission.

If you answered “Yes” to at least 3 of the 5 questions above, more than likely you are a good fit for our Christian Leadership Coaching program.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you achieve God’s plan for your life. Contact Gary to schedule a complimentary call to determine which program might best suit your needs.


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We Offer Flexible Pricing Options

Gary has over 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring leaders and C-Suite executives. His professional diversity spans across 40 different industries and over 250 companies. He has serviced both private and publicly traded middle market and Fortune 1000 clients across the globe with long-term client relationships of 10+ years.


  • Coaching for Churches & Nonprofits
  • 1-Hour of Private Coaching
  • 3-Month Minimum Membership

6:33 GOLD

  • Individual Coaching
  • 1-Hour of Private Coaching
  • 6-Month Minimum Membership


  • Corporate Coaching & Facilitation
  • Hours Based on Retainer
  • 12-Hour Minimum Retainer Required

Reading materials for each coaching program are an additional expense to be paid by the participant.

Arise, shine; For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.. (Isaiah 60:1, NKJV)

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